horror story in english 200 words


He lived only in a rented house and vaguely felt that someone turned the closet at night. He suddenly realized that he was a thief, but the timid girl did not dare to get up, so he closed his eyes and pretended to sleep until he heard nothing.

He thought the thief was gone, taking a deep breath, and got up when someone suddenly said in his ear, “I know you are not sleeping.”


The family died of a daughter who died of a sudden heart attack. Everything was amazing.

The parents were broken. To avoid seeing their daughter’s body, they were urgently buried behind the house.

In the middle of the night, parents heard the sound of nails scratching wooden planks on the grass behind the house. The elderly couple felt their hair dragging and everyone said they were haunted. Over time, the elderly couple gradually stopped.

A few years later, the family moved to the grave and opened the coffin. The elderly couple shouted to death.

I saw in the coffin the marks of the nails, the clothes on his body and the blankets under his body torn one by one. It turned out that a few years ago … this girl was buried alive.